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November 18, 2011

Kind Vines featured in “Green Waste” – a film by Denise Stilley

Kind Vines @ 6:08 pm |

August 11, 2011

Kind Vines featured on Fox 11 News in Tucson

Brandon Doss @ 3:10 pm |

Great buzz from down in the desert.

Thanks to Fox 11 News for the great story!

May 11, 2011

Blogging Folly

Brandon Doss @ 9:44 pm |

Last weekend during Flagstaff’s monthly First Friday Artwalk extravaganza, something unexpectedly cool, yet so very Flagstaff, happened to our associate and partner Robert.  You see, we had the pleasure of promoting our brands at both Fire on the Mountain/Arizona Handmade Gallery, and Flagstaff Sports Exchange.  I was stationed inside the gallery with intern Nick, while Robert was stationed at the Sports Exchange, solo, and outside in the windy Flagstaff afternoon.  The weather was pleasant, but when I dropped in on Robert, the wind was gusty and constantly tussled at the tablecloth, handbills and flyers atop Robert’s station.  No matter, as he seemed to be getting along just swimmingly with The Juice Box boys and the steady flow of passersby.  After the tasting, I learn that Robert was visited by Chris McCleary (sp?), a member of the Flogging Molly crew, sound guy.  Cool, I thought.  Then, Robert tells me he was gifted two VIP backstage passes by Chris himself to the sold out Flogging Molly show happening that night at The Oprheum Theater in Flagstaff.  Super cool, I thought.  But what I said was, “You lucky bastard!”  I still can’t believe what an amazing gesture that is.  So unexpected.  So Flagstaff.  I suppose Chris was pretty impressed with our products and with Robert’s presentation of them, and I hope Flogging Molly was equally impressed.  I learned the following day that Robert was hanging backstage with members of the Molly and he gifted them a couple bottles of the Kind.  How sweet is that?!  So I think this is all the reason Flogging Molly will come back next year, after all, they gotta come back to Flagstaff to “Return the Kind.”

This article has been updated and corrected.  I mistakenly blogged that Chris Scully from the Orpheum was the giver of the VIP tickets, but that was not correct.  A crewman of the Molly was the giver of gift that evening.  The story has been corrected and modified to maintain mentions of local business involved in the event.

For more information about our recent First Friday sponsors and adventures, please visit:
Arizona Handmade – Website
Flagstaff Sports Exchange – Website
The Juice Box – Facebook
Fire on the Mountain Gallery – Facebook
The Orpheum Theater – Facebook
The Orpheum Theater – Website

April 20, 2011

Don’t Hate the Player …

Brandon Doss @ 9:51 pm |

… when they’re trying to change the game.  In tonight’s post, I would like to give props to a fellow soldier in the wine packaging revolution.  For the last 6 or 8 months, I’ve been following a wine brand out of Oklahoma (I know) called EcoVino that is packaging wine in a lightweight, 100% recyclable, 1.5L “Astrapouch.”  We think this is a great idea. First of all, their product is 98% wine and only 2% packaging by weight.  Secondly, the EcoVino model improves on boxed wine concept by, well, removing the box.  The company boasts an 85% reduction in carbon footprint compared to disposable glass packaging, and offers a certified organic Chardonnay to the eco-conscious imbiber.  I only wish I was in OK so I could give it a try!  EcoVino is scheduled to launch on May 1 in select OK markets.  Learn more at:

April 13, 2011

By the Numbers

Brandon Doss @ 10:06 pm |

We recently posted an intriguing statistic on our Facebook page regarding the energy savings achieved when glass bottles are reused.  We posted an energy offset of 36,720 kWh due to the reuse of 180 cases of Kind Vines wine bottles.  I’d first like to make a correction to that statement by saying that our energy savings is probably closer to 24,710 kWh.  This correction comes from a finding on the website of  Waste Management’s San Diego divison (, stating that “Refillable glass bottles use 19,000 Btu’s of energy as compared to 58,000 Btu’s used by throwaway glass bottles.”  Assuming, of course, that these values are averaged over all types and varieties of common glass bottles, and converting from BTU to kWh, our offset from reusing 180 cases (2,160 bottles) is nearly 25 MWh.  I know, that sounds like a lot of energy. A friend of mine in the HVAC business helped put this in context.  He states that (correct me here, friend, if I’ve calculated incorrectly) 25,000 kWh is enough energy to power the average household for about 600 days!  I’m just waiting for somebody to dispute these numbers, they just seem so unreal.  Whatever the numbers, we’re witnessing an incredible momentum behind the reusable bottle concept in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  We’re starting a revolution.  Be Green. Return the Kind.

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